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Thermic vehicle conversion to E85 and G-H3

The conversion of thermic vehicles to bio fuel is one the solution the easier to reduce quickly the CO2 emission with least cost. In this period of fossil energetic transition to renewable, this enables to reduce immediately the greenhouse emission around 60% with the superethanol E85 and 80% with the bio methanol G-H3 without changes vehicles.

Technical sheet:

This conversion can be realized only on gasoline motors with injection electronic direct and indirect. We propose two technologies, the modification of engine software or the additions of an additional box which control directly injectors. Throughout G-H3 conversion and in some cases to E85, it is also necessary to replace others elements on the fuel line (pump, injector).

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  • Low-carbon biofuel
  • CO2 reduction immediately
  • Low emission of particulate and Nox
  • Any agricultural land used for G-H3
  • High octane rating: 102 for E85 and 109 for G-H3
  • Low-cost bio fuel
  • France manufacturing, optimization of decarbonization and better energy sovereignty
  • Low calorific value, increased fuel consumption
  • Only for gasoline motors with electronic injection

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Range extender for electric utility vehicles

The range extender is a G-H3 bio methanol reforming fuel cell which creates a constant low-carbon electrical energy to recharge the battery of your electric utility vehicle while driving but also while the vehicle is stopped. By dint of this technology, it is possible to double the autonomy of your vehicle.

Technical sheet:

5kW fuel cell coupled with a tank containing a mix of G-H3 and water (up to 200L). The consumption of this range extender is around 0.9 liter per kWh. As an example, on a Renault Master E-Tech 52kWh with our installation and a 50L tank, the range increases from 185 kms to 385 kms.

  • Double your autonomy with 50L
  • Very quick refueling
  • Constant electrical load
  • Create your own energy mix (G-H3/Water)
  • Low carbon electricity
  • Complex installation
  • Fuel cell maintenance 5,000 hours

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Range extender

Sale and installation of range extender

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Sale of the G-H3/water energy mix

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Maintenance and overhaul

Maintenance and overhaul of the system and the fuel cell

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Retrofit: Thermic and electric vehicle conversions

The retrofit is the restoration of technological or innovative functions in aging system. In the transport sector, this word is used to define modification or replacement of thermic and polluting motorization by clean electric propulsion. In ARM Engineering, we have at hearts this activity which is a part of our DNA and we propose “made to measure” kits for light, utility, heavy vehicle, as well as for boats.

Concerning energy carriers, we propose systems with mainly reconditioned batteries, therefore second life, or with hydrogen fuel cells for heavy vehicles or a hybrid system combining batteries with a fuel cell for vehicles needing a greater range.

Technical sheet:

In function of your vehicle, we can provide and install our retrofit kits which include a new or reconditioned electric motor, a power controller, a high and low voltage system, a new or reconditioned battery pack, a vehicle computer, a charger, a gear selector, a cooling pump, an air pump and an electric power steering pump. In option, we propose also air conditioning compressors, dashboards, AC or DC charging stations as well as G-H3 or Hydrogen fuel cells.

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  • Any greenhouse emission
  • Half price of a new electric vehicle
  • Be able to drive in low Emissions Zones
  • Contribute to the circular economy
  • Benefit from subsidies for electric conversion
  • None, except for those who dislike electric vehicles

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