Our Values

ARM Engineering is committed and convinced of the necessity to act for the ecological and energetic transition, testifying this our membership to the Coq vert and Avere France communities.

All our projects and researches have to target to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.
The Human is at the center of our preoccupation because the consequences of the climate crisis we are living are multiple and visible : increases temperature, drought, soil depletion that can create famine and migratory flows in developing countries.

The Human aspect is also present within ARM Engineering group : We are committed to developing cohesion within our team, but also to ensuring their well-being at works.

Since more one year we propose free sports activities within the company. We encourage autonomy and involvement of everyone in the company life.

Our Expertise

ARM Engineering is at first a company which regroup passionate and engaged being. First of all the automobile passion : several participations in car competitions such as Trophée Tourisme Endurance, Clio Cup, Coupe de France des Circuits, and others.

A successful team on runway and in the workshop. The technicians and engineers, the energy specialists, the technicians in new mobility, the electronic engineers that we want to perform for tomorrow!

Our added value: Our ability to adapt and our responsiveness.


ARM Engineering has been always in innovation and implantation of new technologies in the transport sector.

First conversion

In 2008, we realized the first conversions of thermic fuel motor to Superethanol E85 for the general public

State approval

In 2018 we obtain a state approval for our E85 conversion systems

Bio fuel G-H3

In 2021, we proposed an ultra-low-carbon synthetic biofuel, the G-H3 which can be used for thermic and electric vehicles

Double world records

In 2022, we win a double world record of the longest distance covered by an electric and hydrogen vehicle in a single charge with 2055.68kms, achieved on the Albi circuit. We outperform Toyota and its previous record of 1360 kms.

Patent filling

We are filling a patent which revolutionizes the fuel cell functioning and will enable a democratization of this one.

The climate is our priority and we are committed to proposing innovative solutions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050!

Would you like to participate in this adventure?

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