Our Energies

Bio-methanol G-H3

The methanol is known by all and use in pharmaceutical and plastics processing industries, but also marginally like fuel for rockets or motorsports. Our G-H3, is a bio methanol of second generation – low-carbon which is produced from biomass no alimentary. ARM Engineering uses this liquid biofuel as an energy source for fuel vehicles thermic and electric vehicles through the application of a reforming fuel cell. This energy vector is also use of our R&D office as a source of green and renewable electricity for industry, building and housing.

Superethanol E85

The superethanol E85 is a liquid fuel of first generation used for original Flex-E85 gasoline vehicles or equipped by conversion box. It is composed of bioethanol (between 60% and 85%) and 95 unleaded gasoline. The bioethanol stem from the fermentation of sugars and starch present in sugar beets, cereals and their processing residues.

Green hydrogen

The green hydrogen is mainly produced by water electrolysis stems from renewable electricity. This gas is part of family of green energy carrier to decarbonize many uses. With ARM Engineering we find the green hydrogen in our retrofit kits and as green electricity source for industry and building by dint of our poly energies power plant.

The solar

The solar energy is a clean and free energy. It does not produce any greenhouse gases. It can be obtained stem from photovoltaic panel or thermal solar power plant. ARM Engineering does the choice to use photovoltaic panels for his poly energies power plant.