Our solution for the buildings

Poly-energy power plant with excess heat recovery.

This innovative power-plant let you to create and store your own electricity and green heat by combining a photovoltaic system with a G-H3 and hydrogen fuel cell; the whole is coupled with reconditioned batteries from electric vehicles as well as the building’s electrical network. The complementarity of these both systems enable a constant production of ultra-low carbon electrical energy whatever the weather or hours of the day. Now it is possible to create your own energy autonomy by choosing your energy according to its availability, its cost and its carbon impact !

Our intelligent control system called SECU (Smart Energy Control Unit) integrate several automated operating modes according to your needs : Maximum Autonomy Mode, Backup Power Mode, Heating Mode (Winter) or Manual Mode where it is possible to interact directly with the system by setting yourself the central functions.  SECU is connected to Wifi or to Ethernet cable to the internet network for remote operation via software or a smartphone application.

The poly energy power plant can be adapted to an existing photovoltaic system. Depending on your building and electrical power, we create a custom-made power plant and we propose several types of fuel cells; G-H3 from 5 to 15 kW and Hydrogen from 50 kW and more.

As in option it is also possible to recover the excess heat produced by fuel cells during its operations and to use it in addition to your existing installation to heat your water and/or air networks.

Create now your own energetical low carbon independence !

Photo de panneau solaire sur une façade de bâtiment

Technical sheet:

Modular system with fuel cell from 5kW to 1MW, electric storage on reconditioned electric vehicle batteries from 4kW to 1MW, photovoltaic system with intelligent control system, single or three phase inverter. Installation in an equipped, secure, fireproof and transportable container.
As in option, we propose a complete custom-made photovoltaic system.

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  • Energy Independence
  • Create decarbonized electricity
  • Avoid power outages
  • Control your budget and your carbon impact
  • Recover excess heat
  • Control your energy remotely
  • Relocatable and adaptable power plant
  • Bulky installation
  • Purchase of G-H3 bio methanol or hydrogen for the fuel cell
  • Maintenance of the fuel cell 5,000 hours

Our Product and Service

G-H3 fuel cell (5 to 15 kW)

Sale and installation of power plant with G-H3 fuel cell (5 to 15 kW)

Hydrogen fuel cell (50k W and more)

Sale and installation of power plant with hydrogen fuel cell (50 kW and more)

Photovoltaic system

Sale and installation of photovoltaic system

Excess heat recovery system

Sale and installation of excess heat recovery system

G-H3/Water, H² green and equipment “Fuel Mix”

Sale and installation of G-H3/Water, H² green and equipment “Fuel Mix”

Reconditioned storage batteries

Sale and installation of reconditioned storage batteries

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