ARM Engineering acting for the climate. Our vision: Our century innovations must have for only target to struggle against climate change.
Our goal : To reduce significantly greenhouse gas emissions from transport, industry, building and housing.

“Getting off oil with green renewable energies”

Our Innovation

Our solutions to reduce greenhouse emissions have green renewable energies in common. Getting out oil and “making you green” our leitmotiv!

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Portrait d'entreprise #1 - ARM Engineering

ARM Engineering

Depuis le 11 mai 2022 à 18h18 nous détenons un double record du monde ??

ARM Engineering

? Record du monde de la plus longue distance parcourue avec un véhicule hydrogène ✅

ARM Engineering

Départ du double record du monde Renault Zoé G-H3

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Comment réduire les coûts de sa voiture ?

Le Point

Une voiture électrique qui peut rouler 2 000 km sans recharger

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Europe 1

Marc Lambec : «toutes les solutions énergétiques sont bonnes à prendre si elles sont décarbonées»

Smart Impact

SMART IMPACT - L'invité de SMART IMPACT : Marc Lambec (ARM Engineering)

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La Gazette du Midi

Marc Lambec L’avenir automobile comme moteur

Transparency and Pledge

ARM Engineering defends the coherence and concrete actions during all his process of innovation to reduce CO2 emissions. That is why our website is eco-designed and less polluting than traditional web sites. We have chosen website host Planet Hoster, which feed his data centers by hydroelectricity and chooses its servers in function of their energetics efficacity.
The design and architecture of our navigation pages as well less energy-consuming because it is more clean in pictures and heavy video.